Our Story So Far…

Thanks for stopping by and checking things out. There’s a lot of Science Fiction and Fantasy out there, so I know how important each visitor is.

I grew up on a dairy farm in northeastern Ohio during a time many refer to as “simpler”. Nice place, huh? There was no heat on the second floor, just a hole covered with a grate over the register on the first floor. Sir Isaac Newton provided all the heat up there.

Here’s a better shot of the house. At the time, it was the second oldest inhabited home in the county. Precious little comfort in the dead of winter.

I started reading with comic books, which I didn’t know at the time qualified as SF. The children’s section of the local library had a Science Fiction section, and, at the tender age of eight, I picked up an anthology of Golden Age SF. The first story was Isaac Asimov’s “Nightfall.” I. Was. Hooked.

And, I’m hoping to hook you, too. Check out what I’ve got available in print book and ebook versions. Here’s hoping you have a good time.

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