The Redemptive Suffering Ebook

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Book One of the Baloshian Chronicles

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As Royal Mage to King Walis Conchobar of Lir, Simon Baloshian lived in the rarified heights of the Magi Order. Food, drink, companionship, all were his. Until the King sent him on a mission with his Elite Guard to slay the Keep Holder of Galinas Keep, seen by the Royal Seer as the King’s Doom.

Amergin Galinas’s quick death leaves his infant son, Merrill, now Keep Holder, subject to that same decree. Simon’s efforts to save the boy leave only him, the babe, and his mother, Venedocia, alive in the Keep.

Before he can escape the Kingdom, Simon’s caught by his fellow Magi, marked as an oathbreaker for his betrayal of the King, and set loose in a world that hates and ostracizes oathbreakers, cut off from the Fields of Flame, the Magi’s energy source for their magic. To access it again would kill him. Survival now depends on skills he’d never had to cultivate.

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